If it feels like a bit of a big ask to embrace an ”abundant mindset”, we need to consider the idea of accepting what we lack

Life is pretty hard when we don’t have what we need to move forward.

We try our best but we don’t have enough money to invest in projects; we don’t have enough contacts to help us expand; we don’t live anywhere with great opportunities and life just seems to present…

When a passion project ceases to be one, we need to look at the expectations we have of it — and what we are willing to do for it.

Passion projects can be tricky, not always in finding out what they are (although that is hard enough), but more in the actual execution of them. They require a lot of effort and all too frequently they attract little (if any) reward.

They are invariably thankless tasks. We can find…

We don’t always have to take drastic steps to feel we have a bit of control in our lives

We can frequently find ourselves in incredibly demoralizing situations.

Take the average office. For many of us, it provides little more than a delightful daily cocktail of insufficient pay, mindbogglingly repetitive tasks and stifling levels of box-ticking.

Feeling like a cog in a wheel is hard enough when this is…

There is actually a perfect time of day to do utterly meaningless tasks…

So, you wake up, feel motivated, feel on point — today is the day. And for a few hours you are on fire, you feel like you’re really getting somewhere.

And then you hit that wall.

Suddenly all that optimism you had has gone out the window and a different…

Life isn’t always going to go our way. Here are 4 techniques that might help when life has won the grand prize of being the world’s biggest shit-show

Sometimes, life is just shit. It’s bleak. It’s boring. It’s repetitive, predictable, petty and small. It’s going nowhere. And worse, we can’t seem to find any reprieve from it.

We can find umpteen motivational videos telling us that “We can be or do anything we desire!”. We tell ourselves…

Rachel Oliver

Writer & Creator of Re-Made (https://www.re-made.life), a life skills library.

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